The Brew comes from a place of love. For years we have loved the heart and soul of the culture that is the OKC service industry. We believe that OKC has some of the most talented chefs, bartenders, brewmasters, musicians, and artists in the business.  We want to share that with you. So, in essence, The Brew is a peek inside the best of what OKC has to offer. Our hopes and goals are to raise awareness and passion around these amazing artists each in their own area of expertise. Come along with us as we experience life through a beautiful plate, a well-crafted beer, a perfectly mixed cocktail, musical notes that take us to a higher level, and whatever else we find fascinating in this fine city of ours. Don’t worry, we also love a good road trip and will also be introducing you to some of the other amazing things that surround OKC.


At the helm of this magazine, you have some pretty fun people. Kari Huskey and James Frazier are Co-Publishers and both have their unique interests and passions revolving around what The Brew is cooking up. Kari has experience running magazines and writing about the music industry along with other industries that the Brew is built around. James is that guy that everyone asks where to eat, drink, or just hang out, because he is passionate about food, cocktails, craft beer, and all the things that go with those. Your mission should you choose to accept is to follow along, taste something amazing and help us spread the beauty that is what the OKC service industry is brewing up.


The Brew is about bringing you the best most authentic view of the local restaurant, bar, brewery, and music scene.  We get real because that is the only way to do it.


If you see a review on this site, it’s because we have experienced it firsthand and we believe you should too.  Our writers are out there and we promise to never bring you canned national chain balogna.


We don’t only like to go out and eat, drink and be merry. Sometimes we love to cook and drink in our homes, and we love sharing those passions as well.  You are going to love what we have brewing up.


Local writers writing about their passions. Local Account Managers selling to local businesses. What more could you ask for? Here are some of our writers, you will want to get to know them, they are pretty cool.

Kari Huskey

Publisher / Writer

James Frazier

Publisher /Writer

Laconia Butler


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Robin Aytes Walker


Ashley Ross

Account Manager

Jake Durham

Columnist / Photographer

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