Every decent human loves Brunch

I, like you, like every decent human loves Brunch. It’s the one thing we can all agree on. Waking up late after a fun Saturday night. You’re a little sluggish, possibly hungover- yet want to keep the good time rolling. How better to achieve a said goal than starting your day with a late breakfast- early lunch. Some hardy plate with equally hardy drinks. When I think of the perfect meal to start my day, one that’s all about comfort and joy, I have to with Southern. If I’m going Southern then I’m going to The Press. It’s located off the main drag in the ever-trendy Plaza District. While it may be tucked away its city and neighborhood stand out. I recently went for the first time and of course, it was for brunch. I knew I was in for a treat when my Southern-born friend raved about it as his go-to when he misses home cooking. So, I was all in.

Photo courtesy of The Press

We arrived early which is convenient as 10 minutes after we arrived the place was packed and people waiting out the door. We were greeted with a smile from our server asking what our drinks would be. They have everything from bloody marys, to negronis and margaritas to a carafe(!!) of mimosas. As it is a true brunch outing a mimosa was necessary- and delightful. As we examined the menu, we soon realized this was going to be harder than we ever imagined. Every. Thing. Looked. Amazing. Wants shrimp and grits? Got it. Chilaquiles? You bet. A massive tower of mashed potatoes with everything under the sun on top drenched in gravy? OF COURSE! Every other minute our choices changed from one amazing dish to the next. However, when our server returned, I knew what I had to eat. It being Southern, I of course order the biscuits and gravy. As soon as my eyes gazed upon the perfect plate I was in love. Perfect biscuit, not too hard or too flaky, drenched in country gravy. Topped with the perfect sunny-side-up egg and yummy fatty pork belly. It was like the perfect hug for my lonely belly. I gobbled it up like I was never to eat again. No regrets. In fact, everyone present sang praises of their meals. Not a single doggie bag was needed. Along with the fact that it was lively and full of happy customers, it is clear to see why The Press is an OKC staple. Satisfying Southern Sunday Staple.

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Laconia Butler
Laconia is a born and bred Cali girl, whose traveled all over the US before landing in OKC. While she lived all over, she has come to truly love her new home and embrace her Okie family history. Her love of adventure and inability to say no has led to many life stories that she loves to share with others. Everything from getting lost in a jungle and almost stepping on a poisonous snake, to sailing with dolphins and humpback whales, beers at baseball games, crashing music festivals and dancing on bar tops, always living life to the fullest. Growing up in a big city gave her a love and appreciation of different cultures and traditions. Her background is working with museums and non-profits in public programming and outreach education. So yes, she will go with you to that art opening and gala. If she isn’t at a museum or off on an adventure you can find her trying out the new beer releases at the local breweries or chowing down at local restaurants. A self-proclaimed expert on all things noodles and nachos. Being a part of the community is important to her, as she is active with several non-profit and service organization. However, above all else she is a Super Nerd. A collector (and reader) of books, bugs, plants and anything and everything Star...Wars, Trek, NASA, it all. In fact, if you want to have a heart to heart about the Skywalker legacy and superiority of certain droids- Laconia is your girl. Oh, and if you have a dog, she will 100% ask to pet it and make it her new BFF. All in all, she is excited to be a part of the great local food, drink and music scene and can’t wait to explore it even more!

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