Smoothies, Teas and Waffles! Oh My!

In my quest to find healthy places to eat I accidentally stumbled upon an absolute delight in the Plaza District. Summerland Wellness Boutique is a personal care and wellness store with a focus on CBD products. They also feature a Boba Tea bar, 100% organic cold-pressed juice, smoothies, and an intriguing bubble waffle bar which I cannot wait to go back and try! 

I didn’t have time for a full-out waffle treat so I opted for the Strawberry Fields Smoothie and let me tell you, this smoothie hit the proverbial spot! It is packed with organic strawberries, bananas, raspberries, yogurt, local bee pollen, acai, and Canadian dark maple syrup. I also opted to add some hemp protein and Delta 8. Simply delicious!

You will also find various self-care items available for purchase.CBD infused bath bombs, lotion, shampoo, deodorant, calming CBD gummies, and much more! If you are unfamiliar with CBD it is the lesser-known child of the cannabis Sativa plant and gives you the benefits of healing that its sibling THC gives you without the “high” or “munchies” that THC patients sometimes experience. CBD has been used for centuries for its healing effects and has been used for relief for anxiety, depression, pain, and PTSD just to name a few.

Summerland has an inviting and cozy area for sitting and talking with your friends in the back of the restaurant and the restaurant itself has an overall peaceful feel to it. It would be a great place to go for an impromptu coffee meeting or simply catch your breath and regroup on a busy day. 

Summerland Wellness Boutique is nestled in place at 1705 NW 16th Street.  You can also check them out at

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Kari Huskey
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