The Study…not just a place to “study”!

The world is full of great wines. Red, white, sparkling, even orange. Variety’s from Spain, Italy, Chile, and California. You can find wine bars in most cities. A place that either has mediocre options at best or is over-priced and unwelcoming. It’s hard to find a wine bar that’s both welcoming, cozy, and educational. Especially in Oklahoma. Right? At least that’s what one might think. Tucked away inside the Paramount Building on Film Row hides one of the best wine bars in Oklahoma if not the best wine in the state. While OKC may not be known as a wine destination The Study has made sure that there is at least a place to enjoy a great glass of the fancy grape juice. 

With over 70 wines options on their menu anyone, from novices to sommeliers can find a wine to enjoy. You can try something new with a small 3 oz pour or indulge in your favorite with a 6 or 9 oz pour. Heck, you can even buy the whole bottle if you want. Can’t decide? Try one of their wine flights like  ‘We Come From France. All French. All Red. A tour.’. Or ‘Do You Like David Lynch? All of our weird stuff. Red and white.’ The staff is here to help guide you through the menu selections. With a simple answer of what flavors you enjoy, they can suggest to you a new wine to enjoy. Unlike most wine bars, The Study’s mission is to be an unpretentious place to grab a glass of wine, read a book, meet your friends, learn and try something new. They created the perfect place just for that. Its vibes are that of an antique store and eclectic artist, cozy and fun. The walls are covered in an interesting array of kitschy art from paintings to statues. It’s a true book lovers’ joint with books of all types all over, waiting for you to pick one up and dive into it with a glass or two of whatever you desire. There are little nooks to hide away and be quiet and private. Or there are couches and tables enough to fit a group of friends. You can even grab a spot at the bar and meet someone new. 

The wine is what you are really here for and The Study doesn’t disappoint. They have house options in red and white, the standard cabernets and chardonnays, of course. But don’t stop there! This is a place to try something new. How about a moscofilero, a lighter wine from Greece. Or perhaps something darker like a glass of nero d’avola, a specialty from Sicily. My personal favorite is a great glass of Sangiovese. It’s a fun way to learn something new or at the least a new fun word to say, like Nebbiolo. The Study also knows that great wine is even better with a great cheese board and accouterments. You can enjoy a great selection of cheeses, meats, crackers, olives, nuts, and fruits. They even have some sweets like macaroons and brownies to enjoy.

Whatever your wine needs are, The Study has it. They have created the perfect place for wine lovers of all levels to relax and enjoy a great pour in a welcoming environment, free of judgment. Next time you get a hankering for some fine wine, head to The Study, indulge and enjoy yourself. You deserve it. Promise. 

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About the Author: Laconia Butler

Laconia Butler
Laconia is a born and bred Cali girl, whose traveled all over the US before landing in OKC. While she lived all over, she has come to truly love her new home and embrace her Okie family history. Her love of adventure and inability to say no has led to many life stories that she loves to share with others. Everything from getting lost in a jungle and almost stepping on a poisonous snake, to sailing with dolphins and humpback whales, beers at baseball games, crashing music festivals and dancing on bar tops, always living life to the fullest. Growing up in a big city gave her a love and appreciation of different cultures and traditions. Her background is working with museums and non-profits in public programming and outreach education. So yes, she will go with you to that art opening and gala. If she isn’t at a museum or off on an adventure you can find her trying out the new beer releases at the local breweries or chowing down at local restaurants. A self-proclaimed expert on all things noodles and nachos. Being a part of the community is important to her, as she is active with several non-profit and service organization. However, above all else she is a Super Nerd. A collector (and reader) of books, bugs, plants and anything and everything Star...Wars, Trek, NASA, it all. In fact, if you want to have a heart to heart about the Skywalker legacy and superiority of certain droids- Laconia is your girl. Oh, and if you have a dog, she will 100% ask to pet it and make it her new BFF. All in all, she is excited to be a part of the great local food, drink and music scene and can’t wait to explore it even more!

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