Why have one concept when you can do 3: The Joinery

Something new is brewing and it’s a lot of fun. Those of us that love craft beer are very familiar with the old Tapwerks building in Bricktown and it would be safe to say that you are familiar with the Community through Beer group. Community through Beer has been creating amazing spaces for enjoying and getting to know new beer since The Patriarch opened in 2015. The latest endeavor for CTB is on a whole new level and masterfully done. The Joinery opened its doors officially in early March and is one of the most exciting and ambitious concepts to hit Oklahoma City in a long time.

The Joinery is a mash-up of sorts, between four different concepts in one. When you walk through the main door of the restaurant, you have entered a beautiful community-focused eating area. This floor seats about 80 and is simple but elegant with exposed rafters and rustic brick walls. The interesting style of this space is complemented with mirror windows that open the space up making it seem larger than it already is and adding an interesting guest focus. The bar is a great addition to this space with the original copper railing from the Tapwerks bar that lends to some familiarity.

The Joinery’s menu could be described as Ok-talian. Classic Italian-influenced dishes with a distinct Oklahoman twist. Elegant Steak and potatoes but it’s a 14-ounce Grilled Ribeye with Boursin mashed potatoes, buttered & herb braised mushrooms, and bone marrow bordelaise. Bone-in Grilled Pork chops tossed with molasses gastrique served with a sweet & spicy hash. Housemade meatballs with tomato sugo, and whipped ricotta. Basically, it’s a menu of over-the-top flavor with delicate thoughtful accompaniments to create a distinctive dining experience.

The second floor is called Good Good. An utterly unique concept on its own consisting of five state-of-the-art golf simulators, a full bar, and food service from The Joinery downstairs. The golf simulators are the same kinds that Tiger Woods and other PGA legends use in their own homes. If it’s good enough for Tiger, you should give it a try. They also have golf pros on staff to give you pointers and help you with your swing, something that I needed greatly. You can bring your own clubs or use some of Good Goods top-of-the-line clubs, in case you want to try out a set of PXGs. The bar menu is golf-centric, with lighter cocktails like a fantastic club special. The beer menu is unique on this floor with some well-known craft beers and a couple that you can only get there.

Moving on up to the top floor is a rustic but elegant event space just the perfect size for a midsize party for around 100 guests. You have the opportunity to rent this space with great lighting and amazing views for your rehearsal dinner, fundraiser, corporate dinner, or whatever your needs are. It’s a fantastic space with its own green room and bar setup.

There is another space, and I am torn on talking about it, but let’s just say that this basement bar is an experience of its own. Oklahoma has an interesting history when it comes to bars that you should speak softly about. Most of the time, they haven’t really lived up to their namesake. This is not the case here. I can’t tell you how to get in, just that you have to have a code. Once you have managed to secure your entry you have a dimly lit jazz-filled space with comfortable seating and a bar fit for any mobster movie. Do not show up and go to the bar to order, this space is table service only. Once again, the drink menu is completely different. Cocktails are thoughtfully crafted to accompany this atmosphere perfectly. The beer list is unique with exclusive beers that you can only order there. That is all I will tell you of this space, if you can’t find it, I’m fine with that, more space for me.

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